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Resume evaluation
Interview packages create a structured evaluation process that ensures that each employee is meticulously and regularly evaluated.
Integration with job boards
The ability to sync with a wide range of job boards ensures that everything is at your fingertips.
Resume Management
Reviewing resumes and step-by-step transfer of each candidate in the recruitment process is the foundation of resume management.
Professional reporting
This special service provides HR managers with a comprehensive understanding of the information processing process and identifying bottlenecks to determine future recruitment strategies.
Team recruitment
Through this service, HR managers can manage, control and manage the roles and responsibilities assigned to members of their hiring teams.
Comprehensive communicates
Providing comprehensive job description tools tailored to job opportunities and ready emails, communicates effectively with employees.

Recruitment Process in Adilar

1- Determine the stages of employment

Customize your organization's hiring process by defining the hiring process on your Adilar's panel.

2- Submit and publish job

Once you have entered your job ad information and created a dedicated job career page for your website through Adilar, register your company job opportunity at various job sites.

3- Resume management

The numerous resumes you receive from various sources are collected in Adilar and you can easily do various recruitment operations here.

4- Resume evaluation

During the recruitment process, you can test the job seekers in the context of the Adilar site and see the results of the psychological and technical tests in the job candidate.

5- Get a comprehensive report of the recruitment process

Receiving reports from various job opportunities, departments and human resources experts in the recruitment process is the key to improving the organization's recruitment process.

About Us

Based on years of experience in the field of human resources and adapting to the challenges of this field, Adilar team decided to create a fully integrated recruitment and hiring management system based on the needs of companies. The idea of Adilar was formed by a team of Sharif University's graduates on march 2019 to address the concerns of many human resource managers and experts. In general, the difference between the Admissions and Employment Process Management System (also called Applicant Tracking Systems) developed by Adilar over its competitors is that it is fully flexible and tailored to the needs of each company. Developed and provided by the company, and in addition to all of these features that even many well-known softwares doesn't include.


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